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The Luba territory contains the entire southeastern part of the Dominican Republic of Congo. Another name for Luba is Baluba which is the plural for Luba. DRC can also stand for Dominican Republic of Congo. DRC is located on the continent Africa. According to “The Luba people numbered about 5,594,000 in the late 20th century.” All Luba people share a common ancestor with a past Luba Empire. There are three subdivisions within the Luba tribe. The first one is Luba-Shankaji of Katanga. The second one is the Luba-Hemba form northern Katanga. Finally the third subdivision is Luba Bambo of Kasai. The Shankaji subdivision was the first founders of the Luba empire.The Luba people trace their settlement all the way back to the 7th century. Most of the people in the Luba tribe were farmers and hunters. They farmed by using a technique slash and burn farming or subsistence. Slash and burn is the process of burning down forest land in order to prepare the land for farming. The Luba people also keep a small livestock. One of the many crops the Luba people grew was maize, which is another name for corn. Besides agriculture and hunting the Luba tribe…show more content…
Members of this secret society would dance around with this mask on to represent the spirits. This dance was often done with a partner. There goal by doing this dance was to connect this world with the spiritual world. The Luba tribe had three spirits they worshipped. The first spirit was female who was believed to of founded the clan, she guaranteed fertility and descendants. The female a;spirit was believed to live among them, but other two spirits who were male, stayed hidden in a bush and didn’t come out into the open. These mask were worn at night on a new moon, but occasionally performed in honor of ancestors or previous chiefs. The Luba people also believed that by doing this ritual or dance the spirits would provide healing

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