Lubicon Cree Argumentative Essay

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Fishes don’t swim in oil

What happens when you force a fish in oil? it dies. Fishes live in water, not in oil. So as the Lubicon Cree. The Lubicon Cree have had their life decimated since the Yom Kippur War, which happened between Israel and other Arab Nations. The shortage of oil in America, as a result of the Yom Kippur War, had made the oil discovery in Lubicon a great opportunity for Canada to develop economically. On the flip side, the oil was discovered in Lubicon, where the Lubicon Cree reside. Roads were opened, then oil and other developments were built, resulting in a drastic change in their lifestyle. As the source suggests, the Lubicon Cree should be granted compensations for the damages it has done to the people and their way
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The Lubicon Cree has deep connections to their lands - the ceremonies, prayers, source of living such as fishing and hunting, everything about them is tied back to their land. As one chief quoted that without the land, they would not exist. Yet, when developments started to operate, trees were cut, oil spills were released, and the forest, once full of trees, turned into an industrial land. The numbers of animals and fish the Lubicon Cree caught and hunted, decreased immensely in such a short time. Their unique culture and traditions, were overshadowed by the increasing industrial activities. Like a fish, they would not survive in oil. They need their water. Their culture. Their traditions. Their identities as an Aboriginal. Therefore, a reserve should be granted in order to revitalize their culture and way of life. And, a compensation should also be given to them to make the environment healthy once again, for their source of…show more content…
The problem is they don’t legally own the land. They traditionally own the land. Even before Europeans came to Canada, the Lubicon Cree had already settled in Lubicon Lake. However, during the signing of Treaty 8, they were overlooked by the government due to isolation and therefore, they were not legally acknowledge as owners of the land and as an Aboriginal nation. The all weather roads, oil companies, were built without their consent, because it is considered crown land. They tried to appeal to the government, however the benefits of oil to Canada economically was too tempting to grant their appeal. Still, the reason why the Lubicon don’t legally own the land was not their wrong. The government was the one who overlooked them. Even without papers, it is just to say that the Lubicon Cree actually legally own the land and therefore they have the rights to decide what happens to the land. Lubicon Cree is part of Canada. If all Canadians benefit economically, why shouldn’t they. Canada can even sell resources to other countries, there is no reason that they could not give to its own people, especially to people who took care of it for hundreds of years. If only they were legally give their rights, they would not have to suffer what they
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