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Luce Irigaray "The sex which is not One"

Luce Irigaray, in her article, "The Sex which is not One" explores female sexuality deeply, different from the views at Luce Irigaray 's time. The article was published in 1977 and was also translated to English later. The text in the article is an adaptation of her thesis "Speculum of the other women" named after a round mirror which reflects and magnifies the inside of the female genitals so the doctor can examine them. Luce Irigaray also does the same thing considering genitals to be seen as Woman as a whole. In her article, she mainly emphasizes on two things: She criticizes the male bias Western systems and she tries to create new ways of speaking and writing that show women 's specificity.

Let us first discuss what do we mean by Gender Difference?
There 's a saying that " it is simple Biology " or another that " it is simply a social or cultural stereotype".
But in my opinion it isn 't about that. It is mostly a rational difference between the two.
When one is born with a female body, one has a different relationship potential than the male one.
For example : it is never the same thing to carry a child inside your body than outside. It 's not the same to make love inside your body than outside.
Men and women are totally
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She is one of the outliers in the feminist community, such people are a manifestation of an ideology taken to its extreme end. She demonstrates the nature of female othering through the tradition of male philosophy. She rejects the theories of 'Lucan ' and 'Freud ' of sexuality which implies a rejection of any referentiality between the sexes. She defines women 's sexuality in a postmodern way that no one else before did. She considers female sexuality in ways in accordance with the theories of feminist ideals. She deeply examines the works of Freud and Lacan in their attempts to understand women 's
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