Lucenzo Monologue

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I’ve always been fascinated by karma. Fair - sure, but sometimes creepy and cruel. Dressed with an invisible cap, It lurks in the darkest of the dark nights of forgotten ones, tormenting every single guilty and ignorant soul to death. You may think it’s madness, but I, Santiago, when the blood moon was floating in an ocean of ever seen darkness, implored the hidden forces of the night to help me to build up my revenge, but instead of conveying me supernatural powers I was conjuring, a cold-blooded idea embedded my brain so strong that I could hear my brain worshiping it. Standing in my enormous but hideous mansion - so frightful a raven wouldn’t dare to disclose the death of a relative - I promise that Lucenzo shall never breathe again.

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It was the name of Lucenzo’s bride. She was my only asset to accomplish my vengeance. “How can I talk to a person unable to raise not even a leap to say a word?” said that little voice in my head but still, I went to my so called friend Lucenzo’s home. His house was a huge castle of the 16s set on the Amordeo’s property. It had been inhabited by more than 10 generations of the Amordeo’s and I made myself an unbreakable oath that Lucenzo would be the very last one. The castle had some dark traits in the night, even though during the day, it looked like the house of a god. The contrast between his house and mine was as clear as ebony and ivory. As soon as I entered in his mansion, I made my way straight to the room where Lucenzo kept Elizabeth hidden. Obviously, I knew where she was hidden because Lucenzo blindly relished me. I slowly opened the door as if I was walking to the gates of death, and then darkness and cold showed up in that room. It was so cold that I wished the sun could have burned me alive. There was that sound too that made me think of all forgotten legends about secrets of the night. It was getting louder and louder as if someone was pounding the table with a knife. My body was trembling, my voice, rumbling all the things I didn’t want to apprehend. Paranoïa was shutting me down and I was about to collapse until I remembered Lucenzo had told me to turn the lights on before entering the room. Illuminated by the light, the room was the total opposite of what paranoïa was making me see. It was an extremely large room painted in white - a house in the basement, you could tell. There was nothing else but a bed, a restroom, and a pendulum clock. The sound that was flipping me out was the sound of Elizabeth’s pencil that was drawing with her eyes fixed to the pendulum clock as if her survival depended on

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