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I have had the pleasure of having Lucero as an Algebra II student and as a tutor/mentor for my younger students. I have watched her become an amazing young person over the last few years who values hard work, helping others and education. I have seen Lucero’s enthusiasm for helping others through education develop into a passion that drives her educational focus. She is an extraordinary young woman who has given so much of her time to better our Greeley Central community and our Greeley community. She is always looking for ways where she can help others become successful. Through her time at Greeley Central she has been a part of AVID, FBLA, ETS, Dream Team and the La Raza Youth Leadership Program. She has won multiple awards for standing out from others in all of these programs. She has spent many hours translating and volunteering at multiple Greeley organizations and events. Her…show more content…
She spends many hours tutoring her peers and helping Spanish speaking students to help improve their content skills and English. She has spent time at the Boys and Girls Club and at Centennial BOCES tutoring and translating. Many young people in our community have benefited from her willingness to give back. She has great understanding, especially for a high school student, how much change can happen if we all help each other. English is not Lucero 's native language. When she first entered into the American school system she was in 1st grade and only spoke Spanish. In our community this is not a rare background to have but where she is not as compared to her peers is rare. Overcoming this language barrier and to be enrolled in AP classes, have a 3.9 GPA and win awards in high school English is a major accomplishment that sets her apart from so many of her peers from similar backgrounds let alone from her peers who are native English

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