Luciana In Shakespeare's Comedy Of Errors

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Most women would not argue on how a marriage should go in the 1500’s, simply because they have no rights. In the play Comedy of Errors by Shakespeare, there are two women who have two different point of views on how a marriage should go. One of them has a husband, her name is Adriana and the other one does not, her name is Luciana. Luciana acts more different then Adriana because Luciana is more of a traditional women. When the change of identity comes people start to change in their perception. Luciana has a different view in marriage, she has not been married but in her head she has respect for men. When Adriana was mad and sad because her husband came home, Luciana said “Perhaps some merchant hath invited him, and from the mart he’s somewhere gone to dinner. Good sister, let us dine and never fret. A man is master of his liberty; time is their master, and when they see time they’ll go or come. If so, be patient, sister.” (Shakespeare, COE, act 2 scene 1). Luciana believes Adriana should not worry if her husband does not come home because men have more rights than women. Also she believes that no women can tell a man what to do, they can not even tell them when to come home to eat or sleep. A man is in charge of his own time and can do what he wants. When she thinks of marriage, she thinks a man should be loyal…show more content…
Between the argument with Luciana and Adriana, Adriana had a question “Why should their liberty than ours be more?” (Shakespeare, Act 2 Scene 1). Adriana has a perspective that women should have more freedom than men because it is not fair for them at all. Even though wife's stay inside all day and there husbands go out and work to keep their property and pay off bills, they should have the same amount of freedom. In the law back in the 1500’s, women had no freedom rights so they would sit at home and make food and clean for their
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