Lucid Dreaming: How Do Dreams Work?

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Dreams happen in sleep every night, whether people know it or not dreams happen at least two hours each night. Dreams come in all different types, dreams work several ways, and have history that dates back a very long time.
There are five different types of dreams that you can experience. Lucid dreams, Nightmares normal dreams, daydreams, and lastly, false awaking’s are some of the common ones. Lucid dreaming is a dream in which a person is dreaming and he or she knows that a dream is occurring. You can fulfill any fantasy like, sky diving, becoming a super hero, you have as much control of your dream as you want. The difference of normal dreaming and lucid dreaming is the fact that you have control of the dream and you know what’s going on. …show more content…

How do dreams work? There are several theories about how and why dreams work. Several examples of how dreams work are memory consolidation, emotional regulation, and threat simulation which are all theories on why people have dreams. For every psychologist, there’s a different theory on how dreams work, but every theory still falls into 2 categories. The first category is the thought that dreams are simply physiological stimulations of our brain and therefore are random and don’t have any real meaning. The second category is that dreams are psychologically necessary and that we actually need to have them in order to function in our everyday lives. Many scientists believe that while we dream, our brain gets an exercise in using some of the connections in our brain. This is thought to help increase things such as the ability to learn new things, and focus. Still other scientists think that our dreams are a way of our conscious to deal with the problems of everyday life, and try to figure out solutions for things that are causing us a great deal of stress. Some dream experts even think that dreams are a sort of prophecy to us, and that they suggest things that will come. The only dream they have no idea how it works is the pipe dream. A pipe dream is a dream in which one is vain hoping, or telling a story. When experiencing dreams people visualize vivid clear images. When people do remember a dream rapid eye movement is in effect. (REM) or Rapid eye movement is the reason why …show more content…

This creature is an unknown danger beneath water surfaces for hours waiting undetected until they choose to attack. Crocodiles in dreams can represent a hidden danger or situation that perhaps on an unconscious level you are aware of but on a conscious level you are not. This could be with relation to any situation in your life. Another example of this would be a bird. The unique part of birds is that they can fly. Flying for humans is a fantasy something we all want to experience and usually can only experience in our dreams. A bird’s freedom to fly wherever it wants, above mountains, over oceans, and seas is only something we can dream about. Scientists today have a good idea and they think that animals have dreams, because of the rapid eye movement. Dreams aren’t are recent founding though. Dreams have been around forever. In fact, dream interpretations date back to 3000-4000 B.C., where they were documented on clay tablets. For as long as we have been able to talk about our dreams, we have been fascinated with them and have strived to understand them. In the Greek era, dreams were seen in a religious context. They were believed to be direct messages from the gods. The people of that time look to their dreams for solutions on what to do or what course of action to take. They believed dreams forewarned and predicted the future. Special shrines were even built where people can go there to sleep in hopes that a message could be passed to them through their dreams. Their

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