Research Proposal: Lucid Dreaming

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Investigation Proposal
Lucid dreaming is a dream in which the dreamer is aware of their state and may have some degree of control over their environment.
As I am unable to carry out the experiment for myself due to it requiring professional equipment and education and so I am forced to rely on the information provided to me through verified online websites that are trustworthy in obtaining information. Using Google Scholar helped me find articles and findings that can be trustworthy.
This research will educate those who show a particular interest in lucid dreaming and be able to make potential future discoveries. This will contribute to the knowledge of many as it will feature all sorts of information in a single investigation along with my
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Their first step to lucid dreaming is to be able to remember your dreams as clearly as possible the next day which can be achieved by keeping a dream journal and writing in it every morning as soon as one awakes. I personally cannot recall my dreams at all unless the dream holds some significance but after a short period of time after being awake, it leaves my mind so I have decided to write down some of my dreams in a notebook whenever I can recall anything. I am making myself the very first test subject so that I can determine roughly how long it will take for me to remember fragments of my dreams as time…show more content…
Research question - It is possible to prove that a person is lucid dreaming by their brain activity and pre-arranged eye movements?
Hypothesis – A person can communicate that they are lucid dreaming through pre-arranged eye movements.
Motivation – I have always been fascinated by the dream state, especially lucid dreams as it is purely the brain exploring the depths of the subconscious mind. I knew from the beginning when I made the choice to research lucid dreams, that it would be impossible to test, and so I prepared myself to be able to make conclusions and analysis through pure research and records of previously conducted experiments. I was prepared to take on this topic as I have been interested in this science for many years.
Aim – To prove that a person can communicate that they are lucid dreaming through pre-arranged eye movements.
• Gathered information from experiments previously conducted by the lucidity institute using their publicly available data.
• I personally had a conversation with a few individual teenagers who have experienced a lucid dream in their past. An interview with a currently 16-year-old teenager will be available in the appendix section in this

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