Lucid Dreaming Research Paper

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Drifting away into a deep sleep can we so peaceful, for some though sleep is horrifying. After over 6,000 nights, I understand what it means to not want to fall asleep. My entire life I have suffered from sleep issues. Night terrors were a huge part of my life since I was a newborn to this very day. The doctors diagnosed me with Night terror syndrome as a baby, assuring my parents that I would grow out of them. 17 years later my mom still has to silence my screams while trying to pull me from my false reality. Since I've done this my entire life, running on 5 hours of sleep has become an easy thing to do. The fear of sleep, hypnophobia, is unchangeable–a mind set, but sleep is necessary for human health. I know that I am not alone with this. Many people experience nightmares that cause them to watch their worst fears play out. Psychologists have been interested in…show more content…
This technique can be highly effective when dealing with nightmares due to the fact that the most common thing in nightmares is not having control. Being lucid creates an opportunity for the dreamer to be aware and train himself to control their dreams. Nightmares almost have to do with a person's fears, lucid dreaming can force them to face those fears. “I became lucid, while being chased by a tiger, and wanted to flee. I then pulled myself back together, stood my ground, and asked, "Who are you?" The tiger was taken aback but transformed into my father and answered, "I am your father and will now tell you what you are to do!" […] I told him that he could not order me around… On the other hand, I had to admit that some of my father's criticism was justified, and I decided to change my behavior accordingly. At that moment my father became friendly, and we shook hands.” In this quote German psychologist P Tholey describes experiencing a nightmare but due to the fact that he is lucid he trains himself to face that
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