Lucie Manette Tale Analysis

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The story is set in Paris and London before and after the French Revolution. Lucie Manette finds out from Jarvis Lorry, a businessman who works for Tellson 's bank, that her father who was imprisoned in France is still alive. She goes with Mr. Lorry to Paris and brings her father back to England. Charles Darnay, a French aristocrat, leaves behind his aristocratic life and makes a decision of moving to England. Darnay is arrested and accused of being a French spy, but was saved by two lawyers, Carton and Mr. Stryer. Lucie and Darnay fall in love with each other and get married, while Carton secretly still loves her. Madame Defarge and her husband lead the uproar of revolution all over France. Darnay’s servant writes him a letter asking to be saved as Darnay had promised he would. As Darnay goes to France to save him, the revolutionaries arrest him and put him in prison for being an aristocrat. Dr. Manette reasons with the people to let Darnay out of prison, but Darnay was charged again the same day and found guilty. Carton risks his life to save him, proving his promise to Lucie that he would do anything to make her happy. By doing this Carton proves that his love was true for Lucie. Lucie Manette: beautiful, kind, compassionate, caring Charles Darnay: high class, rebel, intelligent, loving Sydney Carton: apathetic, motivated, trustworthy, honest  What is Dickens’s attitude toward the French Revolution? Does he sympathize with the

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