Lucifer Poe The Murdering Frog Analysis

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Lucifer Poe The Murdering Frog

There once was a frog named Lucifer Poe, and he was part of the Bloods. Lucifer was not a good person. Lucifer went to federal prison for life without parole. Lucifer had a longstanding conflict with the Crips because in 1988 Freddy Crip, the leader of the Crips, killed his brother and got away with it. Freddy was never caught, so he got no jail time. Lucifer was so angry at Freddy that he came up with an strategic plan to murder Freddy. Lucifer went to his local arms dealer and asked the store owner whose name was Kenny Jenkins for an M24 sniper rifle and the best suppressor that the Kenny had in stock. “What do you need this very high powered rifle and a suppressor for?” asked Kenny. “I decided
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Lucifer drove home and hid the gun and the silencer in the bathroom ceiling until the right time came. Lucifer spent weeks planning his attack against Freddy Crip.
5 One day Lucifer was sitting in his trap house with Melvin the turtle and a perfect plan came to him. “Melvin! I have got it, Freddy has a doctors appointment at Krueger Square in downtown. I will drive to the 10th floor of the parking garage and take him out right when he gets out of his car. He’ll never even see it coming,” said Lucifer.
6 “What are you going to do about the police activity around the square? It has been higher lately,” said Melvin. “There will be a helicopter at the top of the parking garage waiting for me. I will get in and fly to the airport where I will then put a disguise on and take a car back to the trap house,” said Lucifer.
7 “But Lucifer what are you going to do about the police at the airport they are going to have every police officer in the state of Arizona looking for you?” asked Melvin. “ I will take care of it when that time comes.” Replied Lucifer. “ Your going to get caught Lucifer,” said Melvin. “ No I won’t,” said
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When he got to the door at the end of the hall, he could hear the alarms ringing and he saw a guard after guard running towards him. Lucifer unlocked the door and ran to the exit. Lucifer pushed the door open and saw nothing but blue flashing lights. When Lucifer killed the guard in his cell he grabbed the guard 's gun which happened to be a M4 assault rifle.
18 Gunfire broke out, lucifer killed 10 guards and injured 35. When he got to the road, he looked at his arm and realized that he had been shot in the arm. Lucifer looked over at the road and saw a sewer. He dropped his gun and lifted the sewer cap open. Right when he bent over a guard came over to him and shot him in the back with a Taser.
19 The guards went over to Lucifer, one guard bent over and took his pulse and found out that Lucifer was still alive. The guards picked him up and carried him over to the police car where he was handcuffed and put in the back seat. Lucifer was driven to the local hospital and was treated for his injuries. The people at the hospital concluded that he needed to have his left arm amputated because of the blood loss.
20 About 3 weeks after Lucifer was released from the hospital he went to court and was sentenced to the death penalty. During the trial Lucifer was questioned about his activity in the Prison Boyz as well as the killing of the two guards while he was
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