Lucille Ball Thesis Statement

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This will include my thesis topic and my thesis statement. I will provide statistical data and sources that give information about Lucille Ball, as well as Carol Burnett and Ellen Degeneres. I will discuss how Carol Burnett and Ellen Degeneres were inspired by Lucille Ball to overcome their fears and achieve success as comedians, which in return lead them to build up their personal brand, resulting in them becoming entrepreneurial successes.
II. SUMMARY OF LUCILLE BALL (Time frame – 1950s - 1970s):
I will provide a summary about Lucille Ball by using sources to provide background information about her life proceeding to the time of her success in comedy and television. I will then discuss how her stardom and popularity in the public eye helped to develop her brand, which lead her to become the first women CEO of a television network and the first owner of a television
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ELLEN DEGENERES (Time frame – 1980s - present):
I will discuss the impact that Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett had on Ellen Degeneres to pursue her passions and become a successful comedian, television star and successful talk show host. I will use personal statements and quotes by Ellen Degeneres stating that Lucille and Carol was her mentor and how Lucille and Carol inspired her to overcome her fears and push the boundaries in her life and career. I will then transition into how Ellen Degeneres followed in Lucille and Carol’s footsteps during the 1980s-present by continuing to blaze the trails for women who have hopes to achieve career successes.
I will then finish all of my supporting ideas with a conclusion, where I restate the focus of my thesis statement and summarize the key points I made throughout my paper. I will conclude by discussing the legacy that Lucille Ball left behind, as well as Carol Burnett and Ellen Degeneres by providing statistical information about the impact that they made on women in today’s time who have the same goals and
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