Lucille Ball's Impact On Women In Theater

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Lucille Ball was a famous actor in the 1950’s that went from rags to riches over her years. She was persistent even though her father died (Knight J, 2007) when she was just a young girl. It is not easy making over fifty films. Of course she did not just become one of theater's best comidian that is a woman from scratch, she had to find a way to make it happen and create a dream. Lucille Ball Made an impact on women in theater by creating a new style of comedy, and proving women can do innovative things and have an impact on theater and camera work. Lucille Ball acted in the television show ,“I Love Lucy”, which was very popular. That show was one of the most successful comedy television series for six years straight(Knight J, 2007). She had six million dollar investments throughout her career, which helped her succeed in more things and accomplish more goals. At first she was a Hollywood contractor which led her on her journey through acting. Multiple times…show more content…
She was a Hollywood contractor for a while and over a large period of time she made over 50 films (“Lucille Ball”, 1998). She was taught an important lesson through it all, she once said,”I’m not funny, i’m brave”(Lucille Ball,1952), which means that it was not a breeze going through the stage of learning comedy or being taught acting. She needs to know that ,”everything happens for a reason, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together”(Marilyn Monroe, 1953). Lucille Ball made innovative things such as camerawork or making an impact on theater, she opened the gates to women and creating a new style of comedy. Throughout her career, she had inspirations from her mom and challenges from her dad. Overall, she was taught to be persistent through it all and strive to reach your dreams, even if most people do not agree.”Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about”(Marilyn

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