Lucille Clifton Homage To My Hips Analysis

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In “homage to my hips” by Lucille Clifton, she talks about her self-confidence. Clifton is proud to be the woman she is and no one will get in the way of how she feels about herself. Clifton tells readers in this sentence “they don’t fit into little petty places” (524), she is saying that she is confident with who she is, and she is just fine with her size. She says that she will not be around petty people that will judge her, because of the way she looks. Clifton will never think that she is worthless because of what other people think of her. She feels that her size will not make her any less of a woman than anyone else. Clifton also says “these hips are free hips” (524), what she means is that because she is a woman, she will not be enslaved
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