Lucille Millers Of The Golden Dream Essay

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Some dreamers of the golden dream by Joan Didion is about love and death. Cork and Lucille miller was married and had kids and were living a good life. Later on in the story cork miller is dead in a Volkswagen and Lucille miller was sentenced for life. I'm here to argue why Lucille miller is guilty for his death and her being sentenced for life is correct and I totally 100% agree with the judges' discussions. in this essay I will give you reasoning and evidence on why I think Lucille miller is guilty. Sure, many people say she isn't the cause of his death, but lucille was making very poor choices while she was with cork miller on their marriage.

They say that Lucille miller and cork miller bond was “love at first sight” but that wasn't
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Volkswagen “ some jolt which was presumed to have knocked over a gasoline can in the back seat” . she has a totally different perspective than. what officer says. In conclusion of why I think that Lucille miller is guilty for the death of her husband cork miller. Lucille was making stupid decisions like for example instead of running around since 1:15 she could've gone that house that was half a mile away why wait that long. you are in a position where hours are second making choices like those got her husband dead. Lucille was also found pregnant with a kid of another person that isn't cork miller. So basically she was cheating on him that basically means she's a gold digger” just wanted his money” the love she said she loved him was just fake not real if loving someone is meaning is !00% cheating free then she again making a stupid decision. Therefore i agree with the judge's words for Lucille miller and also agree that she should be sentenced for

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