Lucinda Matlock Poem Summary

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This poem "Lucinda Matlock" was a preference of my own because it shows how much Lucinda went through in her life with many situations and she still had the right mindset to say that she loved life in other words. This poem is really interesting because it talks about many sad and bad situations that she went through and she managed to get through them no matter what. This poem relates to the world we live in because there are many people that are going through situations like hers or even worse and even when they are at their worst, they still want to live life to the fullest. Sometimes we do have our ups and downs just like anyone else, but some of us take those situations differently than others. We all need to learn to have a positive mindset…show more content…
For example when it says, "What is this I hear of sorrow and weariness, Anger, discontent and drooping hopes? Life is too strong for you- It takes life to love life." this is an example of symbolism. This part symbolizes that there are many people who keep complaining about the situations they are in when we are not supposed to be complaining about what happens in life. We all have to understand that things like those happen to anyone and we don't have the right to complain when there could be someone out in the world who can be doing worse than we are. We have to be thankful that we are living one more day when there are people who are wishing to have the chance we have to live. Those people are wishing to have another day to live because maybe they are in a hospital somewhere and they can't move or their a few hours from their death because they are facing the death penalty for whatever crime they committed. As hurtful and sad this might sound, it's true. According to this poem, the words "I spun, I wove, I nursed the sick, I made the garden." It shows an example of visual imagery by showing that the elderly women Lucinda Matlock had spent most of her life helping others instead of wasting time. She actually took advantage of the time she had in her life and she helped those who needed it. She actually did live life, how we are supposed to with no complaints of why situations like those that she was
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