Lucious Came To Understand His Family: Character Analysis

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Lucious came to counseling to understand his family because he feels as though his family is dysfunctional with no structure. There are behavioral problems amongst Lucious, his ex-wife, and his 3 children. Lucious haven 't spoke or seen his mother over 21 years, he lied to his family and told his son 's that she died. He also has this fear about his mother, because she abused him in the past. Lucious is not accepting of his son Jamal sexuality. Hakeem got Lucious Fiance pregnant. Lucious feels like his family is not a family since his ex-wife got out of jail and came to the empire, but Cookie is the one that is trying to keep the family together. Lucious son Andre lost his first unborn child, his wife was pushed down the stairs and rushed
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