Lucious Lyon Research Paper

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Lucious Lyon grew up in the streets of Philadelphia at the age of nine. His mother struggles with bipolar disorder and had a few episodes in front of Lucious. Lucious experienced abuse, seen his mother put a gun to her head, and also seen his father got shot and killed by the nation of Islam. Lucious mother ends up in a psychiatric home while he ended up an orphan home. At the age of nine Lucious began to sell drugs as an orphan to support himself. Lucious has an ex-wife named Cookie who also helped sell drugs to support and finance his rapping career. During a drug run, Cookie got arrested and was sentenced to jail. Lucious uses his drug money to build his own record company, which is called Empire Entertainment. Throughout time, Lucious was informed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) meaning is a specific disorder that involves the death of neurons, which he was giving less than three years to live. He was also taking medication to cure his ALS and over time doctors stated that Lucious was misdiagnosed and actually…show more content…
Andre suffers from Bipolar disorder just like his grandmother Lucious mother, he is the CFO for Empire Entertainment and the President of Empire label Gutter Life Records. Jamal is the CEO and the vice president of Empire. When Jamal was a child Lucious had thrown his son in the trash because Jamal was showing signs of being effeminate, which turns out that his son is homosexual. As for Hakeem the youngest son is a rap artist. He and his mother Cookie has an estranged relationship. Currently, Lucious has a finance, his ex-wife came back to his company to rule over the empire, which turned into a conflict. Lucious not comfortable with his son Jamal sexuality, while Cookie trying to gain a bond with her youngest son Hakeem, and Andre is now knowing that he is diagnosed with bipolar disorder which his father Lucious resistant himself from him, because of his past with his
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