Sheryl Sandberg The Leadership Ambition Gap Analysis

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In this essay, I want to focus on what the authors have said about luck and grit, what is the authors ' different views about that and has Sheryl Sandberg been successful due to luck or grit. Everyone has a goal. For example, to be a baseball player, to graduate from a famous university, to earn a lot of money and so on. What do we need to achieve our goals? It is constructed from a lot of things. I think LUCK and GRIT are one of them. Luck is the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person 's life, as in shaping circumstances, event 's, or opportunities. When I was high school student, I got a high score in a exam but I didn 't study too much so it was lucky. Grit is about setting a specific long term goal and doing whatever…show more content…
In this article, she talks about women work, and the will to lead. Sandberg, a feminist/mentor, explains the inferiority that women feel to men and why it is women feel this way. She uses example of her grandmother to illustrate the gender inequalities that were present women. "Gielie," as her grandmother was called, set high standards for the next female generation of her family education was emphasized, extracurricular activities were encouraged, and being successful was necessary. Sandberg uses statistics to show that highly trained women are drooping out of the workplace at a rapid place because of the fear they have their male opponents. She also focuses on the absence of ambition among females in the labor pool and why women in today 's culture are fearful of being ambitions. Factors that cause a so called "leadership ambition gap" are discussed along with why women feel devalued within a professional…show more content…
Speaker is Sheryl Sandberg. Women have made progress towards equality, but this is not reflected in leadership positions. Female heads of state, parliament members, and board positions are only 13-15%, and these have not improved over the past decade. They also need to make tougher decisions between work and lifestyle- with 2/3 of married men in leadership having children, compared to 1/3 of married women. She talks about what women can do to stay in the workplace and move towards leadership. She indicates three ideas. 1. Sit a table - men tend to oversell themselves, while women underestimate their abilities. Importantly, men attribute their success to themselves, while women will say they got lucky, or someone helped them. Nobody gets the promotion if they don 't believe they deserve it. This point is about having the confidence to sell yourself, and let yourself sit at the table or meeting where important decisions are made. 2. Make your partner a real partner - Women have made more progress in the workforce than they have in the workforce. Even as fulltime workers, women do 2x the housework and 3x the childrearing compared to their fulltime partners. The stigma affects men too, with men sometimes differently by other parents at playdates. Domestic duties need to be as respected as success in the workforce to get more equality. 3. don 't leave before you leave - the actions women
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