Lucretius On The Order Of Things Summary

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Analysis of “On the Order of Things” by Lucretius
In the book “On the Order of Things,” Lucretius explains that human beings leave in fear because they chose to. Lucretius further claims that people fail to perceive things the way they should be; as a result, they worry about the things that do not even affect; people look for pleasure and luxury in the wrong places. He further explains that people worry about the things that are not even dangerous and they neglect what is important; for example, people worry about dreadful diseases, but they fail to consider the role the parts of body play in making things real or imaginary. The author also suggests that the mind plays a significant role in the lives
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The fact that we cannot understand our body and how it reacts to different situations makes us vulnerable to fear and suffering. We enjoy things because we fill pleasure out of it; however, when something bad happens in the process, we tend to live in it forever. According to Lucretius, this is one of the things that contribute to the suffering and fear that we are frightened of. For example, a person falls in love and when they break-up it becomes a fantasy that someone cannot wake up from. The mind plays an important role in dealing with the experiences. The way we react to things, sometimes, might not be the right or perfect approach we should take; but because are blinded by memories that we cannot erase from our memories, we tend to hung on them for long. As Lucretius claims, everyone is frightened of something irrespective of their age. Lucretius explains that people keep the memories that have been torn for long because they cannot get rid of them. After someone has gone through a nice or pleasant experience, they tend to keep the good memories in the conscious mind where they are stored in the long term memory bank. In this place, memories are stored for long time and sometimes, they can even stay there forever. According to Lucretius, someone who has gone through a pleasant experience like love finds it hard to accept another reality like a break-up. According to Lucretius, although the good or…show more content…
Out of fear people worry even about the things that are not of their concern. For example, as Lucretius explains, people worry about death and yet it is of no concern to us. We suffer the pain of death because we refuse to accept the reality of nature; about mortality of human beings. No human being can leave forever; however, when someone dies we remain weeping and mourning for long because we refuse to accept the reality. I don’t want to be seen like I am supporting Lucretius on his point but this is the reality. Some people stay holding their hopes on things that do not concern them because they cannot accept what nature has prepared. Whether we refuse to accept it, it will still happen; death will still
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