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Lucy Anne Belle was a 31 year old nurse, she’s a tall, thin, and wears glasses, she’s also a widowed and a mother, her husband died in a tragic car accident. Lucy lives in Washington D.C. Her ambitions was to be a doctor and have a better life for her daughter. Lucy weakness was seeing her loved one dies, and strengths is her daughter and her job. It has been 2 years since Lucy lost her husband. On April 14, Lucy friend Ruby, had decided to have a girl nights out with her nurses friends to distract Lucy from her husband that she still griefs for. They decided to go to the Ford theaters to watch the performance “Our American Cousin”, as Lucy was entering the theater, she saw a really tall man. As she got closer to that men, she noticed it was the president Abraham Lincoln. She gasped and was shocked to see Abraham there, Abraham noticed her and had a conversation with her, she was so excited she could barely talk. Soon the play was starting so everyone went to sit at their seats. Lucy got to sit across from Abraham so she couldn’t keep her eyes off him. It was approximately 10:14 and Lucy noticed some suspicious activity going on behind the President. Seconds later all you could hear was gunshots and everyone started running out of the theater. Lucy saw that Abraham Lincoln got shot so she called the help and told them that the President of the United State got shot. As a nurse herself she tried to help him, but she saw a wound shot in the back of his head and he was…show more content…
On May 4th, Lincoln was buried at the Oak Ridge Cemetery, near Springfield, so the next day she went to the cemetery on the train with her daughter. As she arrived there it was crowded with other people who were mourning Lincoln death. As she got up close, she started bawling out with tears. Her daughter just hugged her tight and Lucy realized how blessed she was to still have her daughter alive and hugged her

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