Lucy Clarke Letter

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To Whom it May Concern, It is my great pleasure to write this letter in support of Lucy Clarke’s application to your university. Lucy Clarke lives right outside of Somerville, Massachusetts with her family. She lives very close to many prestigious universities including Harvard, MIT, BU, and Tufts. Growing up five minutes away from Tufts and a short train ride away from Harvard meant that Lucy has been exposed to higher education her entire life. Being around such amazing places of knowledge sparked her interest in attending college at a young age. Throughout her entire high school career Lucy Clarke demonstrated academic excellence, in fact, she finished her high school career with a 4.3 GPA. Lucy took every assignment she had very seriously…show more content…
Additionally, the organization also sets up amenities such as libraries and health clinics in communities that otherwise would not have access to education or health care. Lucy played an important part in this organization as she was in charge of selling and advertising the merchandise at American events, such as the Simmons Leadership Conference. Lucy is also able to demonstrate a variety of extracurriculars, as she even expanded her palette to the technology field. Lucy is a member of the Girls Who Code club and was a technology analyst at her summer internship. Through her participation in technology, community service, and JSA, Lucy became a more well rounded individual. Lucy has so many wonderful qualities, but the ones that stand out to me are her independence and diligence. Although her parents are very loving, they also travel frequently, leaving Lucy responsible for her meals, laundry, and more. This has taught Lucy the importance of being independent and living in the real world. She realizes and understands how to take care of herself and balance what she needs to do without always having the immediate support of
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