Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Analysis

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Childhoods, good or bad, shape us into the adults we become. They create a foundation of what to believe, who to trust, and how to live. Each person grows up in a unique way, facing different challenges and experiencing different joys. As a result, the world is filled with contrasting people, each with separate world views and beliefs. People take what they have experienced and express the feelings they felt through all the failures and the successes. In Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and 123rd Street Rap, the authors reveal the environment in which they grew up in. Each lived through drastically different differences, but molded them into the person they became. The images portrayed in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and 123rd Street reflect…show more content…
In this society, each day is the same as the last, filled with sadness and crime, until this way of life becomes normal. Although 123rd Street Rap has an upbeat rhythm pattern, the lyrics are mournful, and the tone is despairing and cynical. The picture formed from this rap and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds truly show the difference experiences in…show more content…
On one hand, an innocent childhood is filled with wonder and imagination. However, Lennon shows a much different picture of childhood; one consumed with violence and fear. Each author referenced nature to symbolize growth. In Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Lennon uses nature as a beautify growth and happiness. He gives hope to a bright, imaginative future. Whereas the nature in Perdomo’s work creates a picture of a fixed position, unable to grow and reach full potential. There seems to be no consideration of life past today, and the narrator has a sad contentedness to his speech. Without even hope for the future, finding a reason to push through challenges to success becomes impossible. However, those who do succeed tell the story of their battle against the life’s worst hardships, and truly know what it takes to be successful- sheer will. The opportunities presented in Lucy in the sky with diamonds have more to offer. Children are not burdened with finances or gun violence. Instead, they move forward, towards

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