Lucy Meriwether Lewis Essay

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Lewis was born on Aug 18 1774 grew up near Charlottesville VA on locust hill with his parents William and Lucy Meriwether. Lewis´s father died while serving in the continental army in 1779 so Lewis´s mother married John marks then relocated to georgia where he spent 7 years there and developed a love for the wilderness. In 1801 near Ivy Virginia Lewis was asked by President Thomas Jefferson to be his personal secretary he shaped our country 's past he explored the west of america and made contact with Native americans he died on October 11 1809 he killed himself.

Lewis was raised by Lucy meriwether and John marks (William Meriwether dies while serving the continental army) Lewis went to Washington and lee university until the age
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Don 't think this whole journey was a breeze there were challenges along the way like when Lewis fell off a cliff and he accidentally got shot in the thigh By Pierre Cruzatte on an elk hunting trip there was also Freezing weather where there was a risk of getting frostbite.Here is a direct quote from Meriwether Lewis:¨The weather became so intensely cold that we sent for all the hunters who had remained out with the captain Clarke´s party and they returned in the evening several of them frostbitten.¨ - Meriwether Lewis (What is the packet name)

Lewis had an impact on american in the past was the success of his Journey helped strengthened the idea.United states´s was destined to go all the way to the Pacific. Lewis found a lot of info about numerous plants and animals in the west. Lewis achievement still has an impact on america today without his expedition with clark the united states would not extend to the pacific.

The most important thing to remember of meriwether Lewis is his Expedition with Clark where he explored the entire west area of United states.I think it is important to learn about Lewis is his contributions to our country he is the reason our country expands to the
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