Lucy Westenra In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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frustration. Dracula’s attitude towards Mina, and Mina’s interest in Jonathan Harker, shows the male vampire’s direct attempts at getting what is desired.
However, Dracula is capable of seduction rapidly when it comes to Lucy Westenra. Lucy is highly naïve when it comes to men, taking on a variety of suitors. She is very flirtatious and loves male attention. Lucy demonstrates her love of male attention in the quote, “Why can’t they let a girl marry three men, or as many as want her, and save all this trouble” (Stoker Chapter 5). So that being said, she makes it fairly easy for Dracula to seduce her. She causes herself to be open to manipulation through her issue with sleepwalking. Due to Lucy’s sleepwalking, Dracula is able to easily seduce
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