Freedom Of Expression Speech

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Hello, It is quite comical how we have gotten to the point of which we are now censoring what we can and cannot wear. It is extremely ludacris. The reason I find it both comical and ludacris is because freedom of expression is a human right. The reason I wear the hat is that I am in support of a Conservative President. I support his Pro-Life stance, his call to a return of Traditional values, his defense of the West, his speech on why we must protect Western Values and our Judeo-Christian heritage, his Muslim ban and his support for Israel. on. Previously I have heard you state that you would like AVID youth to be a place of expression. I agree 100% that youth should be a place of expression. I stand for Conservative values and if I am not…show more content…
I exclaimed “Oh yes, I can put up an American flag” to which your response was not very welcoming. You had double checked with my sister to ensure that I really was of American decent. When she had agreed you had then not had a very pleasing look on your face. Furthermore you tried to change the rules so that I was not able to bring in an American flag, by saying “actually it can only be two generations back”. Luckily enough my American heritage is within the restriction you tried to place. If you would like to fact check this I encourage you to speak with my parents. I did not appreciate how you had changed your mind in an attempt for me to no longer bring in an American flag. I would have to say this is a form of inequity as you had said you would allow Jonathon to bring in a Thai flag of which he is not even of Thai heritage nor of that ethnic descent. The point is I don't mind if Jonathan would like a Thai flag, however I do feel discriminated against when rules are bent so that it would not allow me to bring an American flag in. Anyways, I would think it is an anti American, anti Trump bias and not an act of
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