Ludo Board Game Research Paper

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Ludo board games- make free time as family hour

Every family wants to spend some quality time together; but it is becoming difficult day by day because of busy schedule of family members. Moreover, the most people spend their free time on social media and chat. There is no time left for the family. In such scenario, board games can be a good way to spend time together inside home. Among those, ludo board game is quite famous. This game requires more than one player, so family member have to get involved in playing this game. 2-4 players are basic requisite of the game; in this way, whole family can get engaged in one game. And this game does not end in few minutes; rather it requires more time. This can make whole family sits and plays together
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Among other benefits of ludo board game, one major is the development of problem solving abilities. Everyone has to face problems; the difference is that some can face with solutions whereas some may feel baffled. Such abilities can be polished by simple methods. The simplest is to play games which can enhance problem solving abilities. For kids, such training is very important to train for their future. They may get some training in schools, but you are required to improve their skills in home also. Such board games bring problems for the players which they have to solve. In this way, their nerves get strong enough to face problems, and brain gets trained to suggest quick…show more content…
Small calculations of addition and subtraction are involved in such games. Children, who play such games, will eventually become master in doing small calculations. Children are not good at small calculations even. Many parents are not even aware of this; when they will play such board games with their children, they may come to know about this. On children end, they will get to do small calculations with interest and result will be their improved small calculations skills. This will later help in their educational career. In daily life, these skills will help them

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