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Ludowici, A Mechanical Solidarity and a Gemeinschaft Society Ashley M. Blakeley Valdosta State University Author’s Note Ashley M. Blakeley, freshman at Valdosta State University Abstract This paper explores the type of society the writer lives in and how it effects the community. The author’s social structure is what is considered a mechanical solidarity, also known as it is all about who you know; and a Gemeinschaft structure which is all close-knit, relationship based. The paper will describe the characteristics that describe a mechanical solidarity and Gemeinschaft society and how the society mentioned meets that criteria. This paper will use various textbooks research on the subjects and combine them together. This paper…show more content…
Most residents attend church regularly; therefore, they share a similar faith. Most families here work what is considered a “white color” or middle class job. They work hard for their money and take pride in their homes and possessions. We are a small, rural, old farm town and in that, everyone here finds comfort. Our town came together especially when, in light of recent events of hate-crimes against police and law enforcement officials, we hosted a prayer vigil on the courthouse steps one night. People that normally would not get along, put their differences aside, and came together for a common purpose: prayer for those who help protect our community and keep us…show more content…
Sheriff Cecil Nobles was elected in 1969 and was elected sheriff every term after until his death in 2012. During his time as sheriff, his wife, Peggy Nobles was the secretary from 1975 to her death in 2015. In 2012, his son Craig Nobles ran and won by a landslide, and is currently running for a second term, with his career in law enforcement starting in 2001. The Nobles’ family name is ingrained in law enforcement for one, but more importantly, in Ludowici. Their name will live on long after their involvement in law enforcement. The lives saved and invested in are innumerable. Another characteristic of Ludowici that classifies it as a Gemeinschaft society is the preindustrial society. The downside to our small town is there is almost no industry available. We have a few fast food places, a sheriff’s office, a police department, a post office, and a courthouse. Mix in a few other odd and ends shops and you have our town. No big industries that bring big jobs are interested in coming our less densely populated community versus going one county over to a military base and more population and

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