Ludwig Van Beethoven's Impact On The World

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Ludwig Van Beethoven was baptized on December 17, 1770. In the era of that time newborns were baptized on the day of birth. Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, which makes him German. Beethoven ended up dying in Vienna, Austria, on March 26, 1827. Where we went to study with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart another popular classical and romantic period composer. Ludwig Beethoven is famous for his music which is played in orchestra, symphony, or Piano. He was the composer who made Für Elise, Ode to Joy, and Moonlight Sonata. Ludwig Van Beethoven impacted the world with his music. Beethoven 's music is being played by kids and adults on Piano, Violin, and a lot of other instruments. His father wanted him to be another prodigy like Wolfgang Amadeus…show more content…
Beethoven lost his mother who helped him play piano and gave him tips and tricks. His father did not help with him at all he started to drink and hollered at him that, "You are not my son, you should be good at piano." Beethoven kept practicing at piano every single day then started to compose symphonies, songs and lot more. He became filthy rich when he started to conducted while deaf, but he was born into a poor family. Ludwig Van Beethoven also impacted my life. Beethoven has created many pieces that I love which inspired me to play Piano and Violin. Some of his music were slow and long which sounds like a tranquil lullaby. For an example, Moonlight Sonata is a long piece of Beethoven playing the piano. Sometimes I fall to a deep slumber to this music. Beethoven also makes happy and fast music such as Für Elise. This piece is fast and enjoyable piece which gets me into a nice piece. The first piece of music I every played on piano was Ode to Joy which Beethoven composed. Ludwig Van Beethoven was an enjoyable composer which impacted myself and many others. Even though he was raised poorly he impacted people who are in that boat. He impacted kids who suffer with disabilities. Beethoven was loved as a composer and will be missed by this terrible 2000s
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