Lugus Principle On Amazon. Com, Inc.

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Lugus Principle on, Inc In Lugus principle, there are three groups of principles. In the first principle is ‘looking back ' which means understanding the external drivers for change. Follow by the second principle is ‘looking inside ' basically, analysis the internal and external changes of the company. Lastly, the third principle is ‘looking forward ' which consider to oversee the external changes and managing it. is a multination consumer electronics as well as clouding computing company that founded by Jeffery P. Bezos in 1994. And they based in Seattle, Washington. It started out as an online bookstore and subsequently, it has an offer diversity of products such as electronics, food, clothing and furthermore products. It has become the largest internet company in the United States and currently, has 230,800 employees working under In addition, is ranked 44th in Fortune Global 500 and featured in World 's Most Admired Companies as well as achieved a third ranking…show more content…
In every company, it has a set of internal and external stakeholders. It is paramount for the long run of the business and understand the business future by communication and emphasize the stakeholder groups. Hence, has three groups of stakeholders which are customers, employees and, communities as their priorities of stakeholders. vision statement is "To be Earth 's most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online." (Amazon,1996). They have considered themselves as a customer-centric company and, the customer is the key to its e-commerce business success, especially because these stakeholders significantly affect revenues. They have interacted with the customer well and ranked 1st in customer satisfaction in Foresee Experience Index: US Retail Edition (ForSee Experience Index,

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