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A good friend to have is Luis Lares. He is in 9th grade. He is smart, funny, cool, and many more. He is mid size and is about the same height as me. Luis is not in any sporting events but he is still athletic. Some classes I have with Luis is math, Strategies, and 20th Century. In math class we talk about what every comes to our minds. Luis is that kind of person to go to if you need some one to talk to and just ask how your day is going. Sometimes I either see his driving his car to school or his sister driving him to school. He told me a story about whn he was driving, he was driving and was at the football practice fields and he was getting followed by two police so he slowed down to 15. He was scared that he was going to get pulled over. But when he got to the school the police went the other way.…show more content…
He likes to spend his time outside riding his 6 shift AVT around the farm. He also likes to doubts on it to. He likes mess around with like he took my computer and then I didn’t know where it was at then I looked over at him and he was using my computer. He likes to go on vacation with his family in the summer. The best vacation Luis has been on was when he went to Mexico. He learned how to ride motorcycle to.
Luis is a good friend because he will be there for you if you need him. He will sit by you when you are lonely at the lunch room, he will help you will homework if you need help. The reason why Luis is a good friend it that he sits or I sit by him by him at lunch every day and we talk about what we are going to do on the weekend or what happen during the week.
During the week when it is cold you will see Luis wears a dress shirt and blue geans. Then on the nice days of the week you him wearing a shirt of his chose and
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