Luis Mandoki Innocent Voices Analysis

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Khan 1 Zeeshan Khan Spanish 2 Mr. Ramirez 21ST October, 2015 Innocent Voices Essay Luis Mandoki’s ‘Innocent Voices’ gives us a close look at the troubles faced by many families in El Salvador during the civil war times. The director makes sure to hook his audience to his presentation and starts introducing the difficulties one by one. One of the first ones we see is the absence of an ideal leader, mostly a father, from most families. As soon as the audience feels sorrow for the families, the lens changes over to a group of army men raiding a school to take away kids for training. The scenes cause the audience to understand the violent and stressing environment the kids go through. The rest of the movie portrays other setbacks most of the…show more content…
Many families were killed, many children were orphaned, and many others lost their loved ones. The movie ‘Innocent Voices’ depicts one family and focuses their struggles through the harsh times. There were many consequences that were bravely faced by the people of El Salvador, but the bravery Khan 3 did not long last as they died horrible deaths in the hands of hundreds of army men that were in control of most of the territory. Moving onto another problem that was face by the people of El Salvador was the privation of a religious leader. In the film, the director puts light on this issue by showing the real life event of how the father of a church was beaten by the army men and one day taken away, for opening up to the people of his community about the unnecessary violence they were facing. The lack of a religious leader took away the remaining hope that Chava had left. The father was one of the pillars of support that Chava and rest of the society had. This happens to be a major trouble because the people believed in God a lot, and they were somewhat convinced that all this would soon be over and that God was with them. But as the religious leader disappeared from the society, much of the hope went with…show more content…
While the film focuses on just one family, the other characters add other minor details of what occurred during the civil war. From the absence of a household leader to the lack of a religious leader, there was no one to guide the people into the light. Since there was no guidance present, there wasn’t any hope, and injustice the violence kept
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