Luis Marquez: An Inspirational Role Model

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Luis Marquez is a great student and inspiring role model, he has attended Global Campus since middle school. Luis learned english in 8th grade and now in his last year of high school he speaks fluent english. Since 10th grade Luis has been an Honor Roll recipient and aside from getting good grades he helps his peers understand or clarify any questions they might have. His advice to future seniors is to “Do your homework and do not procrastinate.” Luis always turn in his homework or assignments on time because he learned to manage his time wisely through the years. Luis has changed a lot from freshman year he is outgoing and no longer procrastinates. He also is apart of the baseball team in Skyview and plans to work after high school so that later in life he is able to go to college without worrying about any financial barrier while his in school. Luis would like to travel all around the world to visit tropical islands and beautiful beaches. Alexis Arras is a senior at Global Campus he is an amazing student with a great attitude about life. He enjoys playing baseball on his free time between work and school. Alexis has been on the Skyview Baseball team since freshman year but decided to focus all his time and effort to his education and enjoy his last year of high…show more content…
Toby is most proud of making music and being able to turn his passion into a career at such a young age. His change from freshman year is that he grow up and has gained a lot more knowledge. Toby’s advice to future seniors is to “not procrastinate so you can enjoy your senior year” completing your work before you spend time on other activities is important because after you complete your homework you can devote your free time to anything you want without having anything hanging over your
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