Luisa Valenzuela's The Censor

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A Censor society One of the most pressing issue of our time is the issue of Censorship. All around the world, there is some kind of censorship whether it deals with Art, Books, Music, Speech or even the Internet, we all deal with this types of Censorship. One on the famous stories about censorship would be Luisa Valenzuela’s “The Censor”. The basic premises of the story is about a man named Juan who became so paranoid about a letter he sent to his love Mariana, that he ended up joining the Censorship office to catch his letter. What makes this story ironic and end up being the premise of the story is that he ended us so enthralled in his job, he actually censor his own letter and ended up being killed for that, in essences this story is a…show more content…
This is in the quote “He was about to congratulate himself for having finally discovered his true mission, when his letter to Mariana reached his hands. Naturally, he censored it without regret. And just as naturally, he couldn’t stop them from executing him the following morning, another victim of his devotion to his work.” In this quote, he ironically orders his own death sentence. This satires the idea of Censorship. In the beginning of the story, Juan tries everything in his power to get back his letters and joins the Censor Bureau in order to stop it. He latter end up so enthralled in his job, when it came time when he found it, he unwittingly censor it. Because of this irony, it gives the perfect example of satire on the idea of censorship.
Overall, “The Censors” bring the idea of satire to Censorship. Both sides, Juan and the government are so paranoid of each other, they go to extreme lengths in order to censor thing. Overall, whether it 's Juan being paranoid over his letter, the extremity of which the government goes into censoring or even the ironic death of Juan, Luisa Valenzuela style of writing makes fun of the idea of Censorship and the ridiculous extremities that each side would go through in order to achieve their
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