Luke Reid Character Analysis

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Throughout the entire book, the main character, Luke Reid, had many characteristic changes. Luke went from thief, to a nobody, to a person that cared. Starting from always being a thief is a tough place to start from.
At the beginning of the book, Luke is a thief who is really good at picking locks. He’d been caught several times before, but because he was only a minor he never got into too much trouble. His father was in prison for stealing as well. Luke just assumed it “ran in the family” and that there was nothing he could do about it. Whenever he saw something he wanted or needed he couldn’t refrain himself from not getting it. The first thing he steals in the book is a nice pair of running shoes. As he grabs the shoes, he gets jumped by two older kids who steal the truck that the shoes were in. Luke in turn is chased down by the owner of the truck.
In court Luke thought he was just going through the same old same old...go to court do some community service, then continue his normal life again. He felt like nobody cared who he was or what he did. Even his own mother put his younger siblings first and him at dead last. “Maybe they were right. Maybe this Luke Reid was a lost cause” (Coleman 18). However, this time in court was different. The officials explained that he’s already been
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Working with a blind girl named Jodi he quickly turned his life around. Little did he know, “the blind” he would be helping would be the girl whose shoes he tried to steal. Jodi has had a dream to run in the London Marathon and needed Luke to be her running guide. Jodi was a runner but Luke was not. In order to not hold her back, Luke needed to train every single day. Because he was focused on running and not on stealing he stayed out of trouble. Without spoiling it, you would never believe what happens at the marathon. All their hard work finally pays
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