Luke Skywalker: A Hero's Journey

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What was his/her childhood like?
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker spent his first 19 years of his life on a moisture farm on Tatooine , where his uncle tried unsuccessfully to stop young Lukes adventurous streak “You can keep him here,he 's to much like his father”. As a teenager, Skywalker dreamed of adventures beyond Tatooine and clashed with his uncle over his desires to fly among the stars to distant worlds. Luke Skywalker possessed talents in droid repair, piloting, and the Force, making him very much his father 's son.He had dreams of joining the Imperial Academy to fight the evil empire and becoming a pilot.Biggs Dark-lighter was perhaps Skywalker 's closest friend, whom he looked up to as almost a brother figure. Biggs left Tatooine
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All there Heroes had different upbringing as a result of different cultures and different time periods but share the same ending to their lives in which they are bathed in glory and recognised as true heroes.Luke had a troubled childhood as an Orphan while the other two lived a privileged life in their early years.Before the battle of Troy Aeneas family can be seen as a privileged family compared to others in Troy (modern day Turkey) while Odysseus was the son of Anticlea the king of Ithaca ( Greek Island located in the ionian sea),Lukes upbringing could be compared to that of the saharan desert in the modern era where life is dull and uninspiring.Luke Skywalker was an Orphan of a powerful Jedi turned Sith lord Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) while Odysseus was possible the son of Sisyphus who outwitted Hades the God of the underworld meaning they share the burden some may say of having powerful parents or father in their case,Aeneas father laid with venus the god of love, sex, beauty, and fertility this means unlike the other two Aeneas powerful parent was his mother.All three heroes journey starts of with a hurdle they must overcome to continue their journey,Aeneas and Luke have voices not from the living world to help them overcome treachery and hardship and it also helps them to stay on task and not to be distracted by life sweet fruits
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