Luke Skywalker Hero's Journey

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Today was hot. Not just any kind of hot, but extreme temperatures soared high on the planet of Tatooine where water was scarce. Luke Skywalker, a blonde haired and blue-eyed boy, with lots of energy lived with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru on a moisture farm in the middle of a desert. Not only was today hot, however Luke’s life, as he knows it, is about to change right before his very own eyes. Luke can be classified as a hero under Joseph Campbell’s ten characteristics of a mythical hero because throughout his life, Luke illustrates each characteristic on the vast journey he partakes in to topple the Galactic Empire. Some key and important characteristics he portrays along this journey includes his calling to adventure, crossing into the threshold,…show more content…
According to Campbell, an ordinary world setting sets the scene for the soon to be hero and draws attention on the dilemma. His second rule states that the main character either has an overwhelming will power for the adventure or an outside force puts pressure on them to complete certain tasks. Luke lived in an ordinary world on his Uncle’s moisture farm on the planet of Tatooine; he was very sheltered from the outside forces and wars that were going on around him. He never knew his biological parents or his twin sister, as his mother died while giving birth and his father, Anakin Skywalker, was a Jedi Knight for the Jedi Forces, but had slowly been seduced over to the Dark Side. Luke’s father had separate his two children for safety purposes and left Luke on the desert planet of Tatooine while his sister Leia, was place on the planet called Alderaan. Luke’s life would flip upside-down as we know it when his Uncle brought home two brand new droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO . R2-D2 eventually lead Luke to meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was secretly watching over and protecting Luke for his father’s sake. Kenobi, a very wise man, held onto Luke’s father’s light saber and gave it to Luke when he figured he was ready. Also, while the droids and Luke were at Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hut, R2-D2 reveals a hallogram message from Princess Leia that she has been capture by the Empire on the planet of Alderaan and insists that Luke and Kenobi come and save her. In the recording, princess Leia says, “I am sorry I could not present my message in person, but my ship fell under attack and my mission has failed. There is vital information in this R2 unit that can save the rebels, but only my father can retreave it.” Upon handing him the light saber, Kenobi says, “Luke, you must learn the ways of the Force, you must travel with me to Alderaan.” At first,
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