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Fame is in everyone 's mind in today’s society. With social media, such as Youtube, it’s easy to become famous, but for some people that isn 't enough. There are people out there who will do anything for fame, one such example is Luka Rocco Magnotta. When he was 22, he went under a psychiatric assessment, as was diagnosed with depression. He was prescribed with medication for life. He then met a women online, with the mental capacity of a 8 to 12 year old. He spent thousands of dollars with her money. Police claim Luka recorded himself sexually assaulting the women. Most charges were suddenly dropped. He was charged with fraud, though. Luka Magnotta legally changed his name in 2006, he also began himself on the internet. He join a gay community, and met a transgender named Barbie, and became her boyfriend. He made over 70 Facebook…show more content…
Luka also spread the rumor the he and Karla Homolka were dating. He denied dating her to media outlets, though he made a “tribute” video with his mother, who he pretended to be Karla, and himself in the Caribbean. In late 2010, he posted two videos to YouTube. The first one was called 1 Boy Two Kittens. This video shows him putting 2 cats in a vacuum, and sucking out air, until both kittens suffocates. The next day, he uploaded the video Python Christmas. The video displays 28-year-old Luka carrying a cat in a hat to a bed, with a Burmese python hidden under the pillows. Eventually, the python swallowed the cat whole, head first. It is also believed he posted a third video in which he tapes a kitten to a broom and drowns it. Several people contacted police, but police did not believe that any of the videos were real. Several people also managed to identify Luka, seeking justice for the animals, but he used several tactics, such as putting Russian audio in one of the videos, to hide his location. Jin Lin was a 33-year-old Chinese international student from Wuhan, who went to a university in Montreal. In

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