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Happy ending for Lula and Simba – 10 Pictures When people are fighting, animals suffer. That is a kind of unwritten rule which you cannot find in any book. However, the reality is sometimes cruel, while destiny is not good for everyone. But, as always, good defeats evil, the happy side of this story will make our thoughts brighter and will lead you to believe there is always a better tomorrow. The unpleasant cage Meet Lula and Simba, a bear and a lion coming from Iraq. They were prisoners of cages in Montazah Al-Morour zoo and with the help of good people they survived a disaster. But, here we are not going to speak about bad acting of people in war, let's talk about good intentions and strong will to help animals recover. Four Paws in the action The terrible zoo was the right place for the Four Paws center to show the…show more content…
It was not easy to organize everything and help these animals. They were weak because they needed food for a long time. However, people from the organization were ready to accept the challenge and do their best for the good of animals. This lion was the second animal that survived and he was worth of every attention. Moving over the border Both bear and lion were placed in special cages and put on the truck. Their new life was planned to start in Jordan, which should be a new home for these poor animals. It was not easy to transport them, as people had to make great efforts to prepare them and move them over the border. But, it was worth to try and Four Paws charity finished what they started. First steps on safe ground The team moved animals to Amman in Jordan. The New Hope Center becomes their new home and when people saved them of starving, they let them make their first steps on the ground free of pain and fear. Lula was very happy to have a new home, surrounded by grass and food. Everything was so different and better than before. Simba was finally

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