Lululemon Customer Analysis

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Jennifer Macmaster who has a master degree is a 26 years old female. She is a secondary school teacher. She spends most of the time at school, so sometimes she feels tired. Thus, she starts to do exercise. Especially, she likes to do yoga because it can make her feel relax. She lives in Ottawa which is the capital of Canada. Therefore, she can be easy to go shopping. She is a higher educated person, so she has a healthy lifestyle. She is in the middle class, so she can afford some sports products. In her free time, she likes to wear comfortable and durable clothes. In addition, she likes to go to the products in the same brand. According to my analysis of the hypothetical customer that most of Lululemon’s target market are the young educated…show more content…
The first stage is the Lululemon’s loyal customers that feel do not have comfortable clothes to do exercise. Loyal customers do not need to search the information because they are already familiar with this brand. Third, Lululemon’s most target customers are social and optimistic. Most customers have positive attitude, so they will compare Lululemon with other companies. The next stage is customers will decide to buy the Lululemon’s clothes. Also, they will go to the Lululemon stores to purchase the products. After the customer buys their products, customers always compare Lululemon’s clothes with other brand clothes. Then, consumers will give some feedback to the Lululemon Athletica. Moreover, Lululemon customers are young, so they will be influenced by their friends and family members. However, they are most with higher education; therefore, they will have their own ideas and attitudes to…show more content…
Lululemon can be considered a Shopping Product. Lululemon provides high-quality products so their products life circle is long. Another reason is their products are expensive for some people, so consumers are rarely to buy their products. Store image is very important to the Lululemon because they want to create the brand loyalty. Lululemon is not distributed so widely. Also, Lululemon does not like to use advertising or other ways to promote their products, so only manufacturer and retailers provide the promotion. According to the official website of Lululemon, it shows Lululemon has 6 retail outlets around the world. Lululemon is not entirely fit the description of shopping products because Lululemon main distribution channels are retailer and wholesale (Phalguni Soni, 2014) Thus, Lululemon is also a convenience

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