Lululemon Marketing Strategy

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Lululemon athletica is a company which sells sportswear to customers worldwide. It started out as a small studio used as a yoga studio at night as well as a design studio during the day in Vancouver, Canada that was founded by Chip Wilson in 1998. Lululemon athletica started with selling yoga apparel to women but has now expanded to selling cycling, training, running sportswear as well as others for not only women but men as well.Lululemon athletica does not just represent a store but also a place where a community was born.It targets people who are interested in being part of a community that cares about healthy living.Although it provides all of these diverse type of sportswears, Lululemon athletica’s main target customers still remain
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Both of which have been very successful for them.

Market segmentation is a significant component in a business’ marketing strategy. By focusing on a specific niche, companies are able to precisely identify and satisfy a certain consumer group’s needs and wants while utilising a firm’s resources more efficiently (Barat, 2010). Demographically, Lululemon’s target market is composed of women and men, ranging from 18- 45 years old, that earn relatively high incomes, who sought to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle. As stated on Lululemon’s website, the company initially produced designs that were “made for women to wear during yoga,” but is now created for an assortment of different purposes such as “running, cycling, training, and most other sweaty pursuits” for both men and women. In addition, the brand is geared towards those who want to look stylish and that can incorporate their sportswear as mainstream fashion for everyday use. The versatility of the combination of athletic and fashionable wear--also known as athleisure clothing--are pivotal in attracting many consumers to Lululemon (Schlossberg, 2015). While not completely cementing their image as a luxury brand, it is not regarded as an affordable choice for people earning middle to low incomes. By choosing to reach out to individuals
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When deciding whether to purchase a Lululemon product, buyers consider the standard of quality the clothes are made out of. As a relatively expensive label, customers expect no less than a leading-edge fabric that promises comfort and durability to cater the needs of athletes. Rather than having to constantly replace their athletic wear, buyers demand a product that will promise longevity. A rising demand for many consumers are on the basis of whether a product is environmentally friendly or not. In meeting this demand, Lululemon chooses to use reusable bags as their packaging and uses organic cotton and other eco-friendly fabrics in reducing the carbon footprint left by clothes as much as possible. In addition, consumers from this target market require well-designed, flattering clothing that can be worn for multiple functions, whether it’s in the yoga studio, gym, or while running errands. Furthermore, research has identified enclothed cognition, a term “used to describe the way our clothing influences our psychological prowesses” (Adam & Galinsky, 2012) to be an active force behind consumer behaviour. Buyers from this target market want quality clothing that will positively affect their workout motivation and in improving their overall performance. Not only are these

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