Lululemon: Non-Price Competitive Culture

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Introduction As the market for material goods begin to diminish due to shifting interests from millennials it is more important than ever to establish a strong non-price competitive culture. One company who has been widely successful in this aspect of corporate culture is Lululemon Athletica (Lululemon). Lululemon has seen strong growth in recent years despite growing competition. This is likely due to their warranties, customer service and store layout which encourage people to buy from them. In this report many topics will be covered regarding Lululemon including non-price competitive attributes, the trends of the industry and finally the conclusion. Company Topic Application This section of the report examines the application of non-price…show more content…
Furthermore, the 1600 “ambassadors” who have a background of personal training, fitness, yoga or other athletics also help to exemplify their beliefs in the wellbeing of their clients and employees.10 By creating a strong company image Lululemon has created a competitive edge, influencing customer purchases since they emit the vibe of a holistic lifestyle through ‘healthy and happy’ employees which in turn creates a strong customer-employee relationship leading to a loyal clientele base who are happy to purchase high-priced athleisure wear from…show more content…
Their strong brand ethos as demonstrated by their customer service, positive store ambiance and brand image have allowed them to capitalize on both the niche of athleisure clothing and the entire athletic wear industry. One thing that all companies can learn from this report is the importance of marketing to their profits. As indicated by the research on the topic, there is a direct correlation between spending on marketing and profits. This is a clear indication that companies need to spend more time marketing their product as the non-price factors of a business are just as important to their bottom line as the
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