Lumbar Disc Prolapse Essay

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Lumbar Disc Prolapse - Understanding the disorder! Description: Lumbar disc prolapse is a spinal condition that can cause lower back pain and tingling in the lower body. Learn more on Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India. Lumbar Disc Prolapse Overview: A lumbar disc prolapse, also known as slipped disc or herniated disc, is a condition where a fragment of the soft central disc material squeezes out due to pressure through a tear in the annulus (disc capsule). A prolapsed fragment may compress an adjacent nerve root or the multiple roots to cause the neurological symptoms. Our discs deteriorate with age, the inner nucleus in our disc, which is like a soft gel dries out and becomes less spongy. The outer annulus is also at risk for cracking or splitting as it becomes brittle with age. If this spilt extends through the annulus, then the nucleus can squeeze out into the spinal canal, thereby pushes the nerves. Let us understand the facts about this disorder. Lumbar Disc…show more content…
At first, patients may have severe pain which can be described as a deep dull ache similar to sharp stabbing pain. Some people also experience tingling, numbness, muscle weakness in knee, hip or ankle movements. The shin or sciatica is typically worsened by sneezing, coughing, bending or prolonged sitting. Causes: Degeneration of the disc or disc aging is a gradual process. A lumbar disc prolapse occurs when the annulus is too weak for preventing the nucleus prolapsing out. In most cases, no specific event causes the prolapse. But it can be triggered due to an injury or exertion. Usually, this condition is caused by heavy lifting, twisting and bending of the spine, mild activity or at rest. A normal, healthy disc cannot prolapse unless there is some pre-existing disc degeneration or weakness.

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