Lumberjack Persuasive Essay

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A) 1. King 2. Princess 3. Madman 4. Fisherman 5. Nursemaid 6. Lumberjack


1. The King is first on my list because he was the one that caused the Princess to feel lonely, which caused her to leave the castle without preparing. He caused her to panic when the madman threatened to kill her because she had to be back in the castle before anyone noticed she was gone or the King would kill her. The Princess is second on my list because she was told not to leave the castle or she would be killed. She had been in the castle for five months before stupidly the castle without preparing. If she would have waited one more month the King would have returned and she wouldn 't have been killed. The Madman is third on my list because he was the one that physically killed the Princess. The Fisherman is fourth on my list because if he wouldn 't have been greedy and asked for money, which the princess did not have. The Princess would have had a safe path passed the Madman. The Nursemaid is fifth on my list because she was a subject of the kingdom and I believe she should have helped the Princess. The Lumberjack is last on my list because the Princess shouldn 't expect a person she just met to go fight and possibly lose there life to help her.

2. My criteria for my ranking of the characters
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3. The most persuasive reason to me was that if the King wouldn 't have told the Princess to stay in the castle then maybe the Princess wouldn 't have felt pressured to rush back to the castle and be killed by the Madman. Also, maybe the Princess wouldn 't have felt lonely that day and she would have stayed in the castle and not even came into contact with the Madman. The other most persuasive reason was that if the Princess would have obeyed the King and not left the castle then all of this would have been avoided. The Princess would still be alive. As for the other characters there wasn 't much of a reason because if any of them would have helped the Princess then she could
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