Lumberjacks And Lumber Camps: Early Years Summary

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Aluva May Marconi was my great-grandmother. She was nothing less than spunky, elegant, and darling. She went by “Nan” but her grandchildren called her “Nanny” which was fitting because she looked after everyone more than she did herself. If you were to visit her you had better come hungry for Peanut M&M’s, Diet Coke, or cheese and crackers. My Nanny was the type of grandmother who would still send you mail on your birthday, she was the type of grandmother who would show you embarrassing pictures of your mother when you visited her. She was the type of grandmother who you would miss In the last few years of her life she withered in her apartment. Her health required her to move from an apartment to a “Senior Living Facility”. It always bugged me how they called a place where people lived, ate, showered, or even died, a…show more content…
I knew who she was when I was alive, but that was only a few years compared to her 93. Since she has left, I have learned of her book. Entitled, “Lumberjacks and Lumber Camps: The Early Years” Nan wrote about her childhood and her journey to her fathers Lumber Camp in the small villages in which she lived of upstate Adirondack New York. In her memoir she touches on her life in the small town in which my family lives currently, Tupper Lake, a neighboring town to the olympic city of Lake Placid. She talked about her journey to a Lumber Camp with her best friend Rena and their great epics. I learned what summer was like for her in that camp. All things I was never told about when she was still alive. At her memorial, my family did what all families do, sit in a circle and talk about our missing loved one. I learned about her adult life in Tupper Lake. I learned that she was the secretary for the town hall of the city of Altamont for most of her career. She was so loved in that small town that, after her retirement, they dedicated the building and named it after
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