Luna Character Analysis

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In the book Luna by Julie Anne Peters, a transgender feels they are not truly meant to be in the body they were given. They may feel that they don 't fit in or belong in society. They are afraid to show their true self. They fear for the reaction they will receive from their family members, peers, and community members. The mother is portrayed as a terrible mother for not caring enough like a mother should. Luna felt the need to express her true self by dressing up in her mother’s clothes, and applying her makeup. One day Luna is in her mother’s room, dressing herself up. When Luna’s mother walked into her room and caught Luna in her bedroom, her mother told her to leave her room immediately and never tell anyone about the incident. Walking into a situation like this can be scary at times, and some parents may not be very accepting of their child. When a child is born, they think about the future they will have. It’s hard for parents of transgenders to understand the changes for their child. Her mother is embarrassed of her child when she first found out the news, and…show more content…
Luna’s mom really didn’t pay much attention to her children and is constantly on the phone with work calls. Even though she knew all along about Luna’s situation she still had no interest in supporting or helping out Luna. Even when Luna is a child, her mother knew something is different about her. Luna’s mother would basically avoid her child because she isn’t sure how to handle the situation. The mother never acknowledged Luna’s differences; she would have made her life so much easier. “My mother was a monster”(p.228). In conclusion, parents should care about their child and help them through any problems in their life. Finding out information like that can be scary and overwhelming. However, you have to accept the person for who they are and what they want to be in life. A parent may have a different plan set in mind for their life, although it can change. Just like it had in the book
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