Lunaclipse: A Short Story

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“Whatever made you think this would work?!” Hissed a tiny voice. Another tiny voice hissed back, “Shush! You’ll wake the cat,” The second one turned nervously to a small, fluffy black kitten curled up in a ball on the wooden bed where Archie was fast asleep. “You should put the note under the pillow, Lunaclipse.” “Why, am I hearing things!! OR IS IT THAT YOU BEGGED ME TO LET YOU PUT IT UNDER THE PILLOW, IN. MY. DREAM.” Lunaclipse sighed. “Flitter, it was your idea, so, catch!” Lunaclipse threw the note into the air and dove into the clay pot and fell asleep. It was Flitter’s turn to sigh. “Seriously Luna,” She put the note under the pillow. “Seriously.” Archie was dreaming about knights, dragons, and...getting slapped…? He woke up when Candi slapped him to wake him up. “Oh,” Archie sighed whilst rubbing his cheek, “well that hurt.” “ARE YOU AWAKE NOW!?” yelled a…show more content…
They soon got to a flowerfield, so the quadruplet took a break. “Hungry anyone,” Lunaclipse said whilst somehow getting a basket of apples and oranges and bananas out of her robes “don’t worry, I’ve got a few fish too.” Candi asked, “First of all, where’d you get those, and second of all, I feel like… I’m being watched….” Flitter then said, “Me… too…?” Lunaclipse then said with a twinge of annoyance, “Rosy, CAN YOU NOT?!” “Aww, you caught me.” A mysterious voice replied. To Archie’s surprise, a young flower sprite uncamouflaged. Like all flower sprites, she had pollen-covered antenna on her head, nature themed robes, and long, color-changing hair with a flower crown of scented flowers. Strangely, she had multi-colored butterfly wings. A sign of importance. Archie remembered that one of the most famous flower sprite was Rosy Buddsly, a war hero, a children’s hero, and a hero in

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