Lunar Sighting: A Short Story

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Charlotte Fuchs
Writing, Autobiography
Lunar Sighting

On September 27, a lunar eclipse, red moon, and super moon happened at the same time, which will not happen for 18 years. Mrs. Michels, my teacher, told my class about it that Friday. So on Sunday, my neighbor Madeleine was over at the time. I told her about how I wanted to go and she agreed to go with me. She went to her house to get shoes while I changed. Going through my garage, we went out into the alley, out to the street. As we were walking, she asked what the occasion was. “Tonight is a red and super moon and a lunar eclipse,” I replied, “It won’t happen again until 2033.” Madeleine was trying to calculate how old we would be, “We’ll be 30 and 31.” Checking her math
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Madeleine searched where the moon was, but that didn 't help at all. My friend, Beikwaw, who had been texting me since I reached the park, texted me asking if I’d found the moon yet. I replied no and he responded saying he found it. Knowing someone else found it made me more frustrated. I told Madeleine and she became just as mad as me. I called Beikwaw and practically yelled at him through the phone asking him to tell me where the moon was. He said east, so our focus became to find east, started looking for east, but we didn’t know where that was either. Both of us tried finding it, and eventually she just got the compass app on her phone out. I hung up on Beikwaw and got my compass app on…show more content…
The second thing I did was text Beikwaw that we too had found the moon. Apparently he was able to get some pictures and it took us about 45 seconds to realize we couldn 't get any good or clear pictures. As we watched this beautiful moon, it disappeared. “It’s gone the moon it disappeared!” Madeleine grabbed my phone and texted Beikwaw saying,“THE MOON DISAPPEARED! I WANT IT BACK! BEIKWAW MAKE IT COME BACK RIGHT NOW!” She even had t ask me how to spell his name. He answered saying, “I’m sorry” , but then it reappeared after five minutes, so I texted him “ ITS BACK! THE MOON IS BACK!” After a little gazing, Madeleine said all the bugs were biting her legs. I agreed so we decided to go home. Beikwaw called me to ask if I was seeing it and I told him we were leaving the park. He wondered why so I told him we decided to leave. We went home the same way, and when we got home it was about 8:30-9:00. My mom asked how it was and we said that it was a long story, but it was pretty. Who needs to go outside and see it, when we knew that we could probably see it later out of our bedroom windows
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