Lunch Ladies: Stereotypes And Misconceptions

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Lunch Ladies The cafeterias aren’t always filled with disgusting food and ran by mean, old, gross lunch ladies. This is an example of a stereotype because of how a group of individuals is being judged by the way they are seen or heard. There can be some misconceptions which can be followed by stereotypes. Stereotypes are usually the ugly truth about most groups. However, misconceptions are the opposite because it’s just an assumption. A misconception is a false judgment that everyone shouldn’t believe because most are just rumors. Many stereotypes today can be racist, but that is a whole different situation which in some cases is caused by actions a group does, look or say. In some case stereotypes are misunderstood. Lunch ladies should be better understood because they’re caring, supportive, and mother-like figures. Stereotypes and misconceptions are two different means and some may get them confused. Stereotypes targeting a group of people as a whole that’s based on a truth that could be a positive or negative and is usually exaggerated. For example many may say that all people that wear glasses are smart, that may or may not be true. This statement talks about everyone that wears glass as a whole not just one person and we don’t know if everyone is smart just because they wear glasses. On the other hand a misconception is a assumption of an individual that’s not based on the truth. Let’s say that from watching High School Musical, and assume that all high schools are

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