Lunch Ladies Stereotypes

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Lunch Ladies
The cafeterias aren’t always filled with disgusting food and ran by mean, old, gross lunch ladies. This is an example of a stereotype because of how a group of individuals is being judged by the way they are seen or heard. There can be some misconceptions which can be followed by stereotypes. Stereotypes are usually the ugly truth about most groups. However, misconceptions are the opposite because it’s just an assumption. A misconception is a false judgment that everyone shouldn’t believe because most are just rumors. Many stereotypes today can be racist, but that is a whole different situation which in some cases is caused by actions a group does, look or say. In some case stereotypes are misunderstood. Lunch ladies should be
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They’re perceived as someone who is old, not the best looking, doesn’t smile, seems to not care for kids, or as if they are just there to do their job. This image of lunch ladies comes from movies, cartoons, and books children see or read. For example, the show Recess, The Simpsons, Liv and Maddie (a recent new show), Matilda, The Princess Protection Program and many more that are exaggerated truths. In these shows and movies, the cafeteria staff is always in hair nets, doesn’t smile, just slaps food on the plate that doesn’t look appealing and yells. With this image people have in mind, misconception comes up that every lunch lady is like that and this is not all true. Many cafeteria staff members are nice and cares about the students. According to Cliff Karnes from education leadership department at Eastern Illinois University claims, “Lunch ladies often are on the first line of noticing if a child is not feeling well, not eating, being bullied or feeling bad because they did poorly on a test.” In fact the lunch ladies title name is not “lunch ladies” their title is Child Nutritionist. Not all Child Nutritionist are female when some are actually male. I have been exposed to that line of work from hearing stories and watching my mom Darlene Garcia a Child
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