Lunch Spank Commercial Analysis

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The commercial that DEVOUR made called lunch spank is a commercial that features comedy in a controversial aspect. The man talks to his food intimately and in a sexual way talking about how good it is supposed to entice the customer talking about just how good it is. It also grabs a target audience such a millennials because of the wackiness of the commercial itself. The weird but attention grabbing humor aspect is something that most millennials are enticed by. It is quite effective in persuading customers to buy the product because of the mixed comedy, questionability, and weirdness.
The commercial starts off with a man eating his lunch on his brake. He notices how good his food is then starts to talk about it. He describes his food but then
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They mentioned the same similarities that I noticed with the humor based around subliminal messages. They also noted that it is a marketing tactic due to the “underperformance” of the product itself. They also noted that the aim is toward “male viewers aged 25-35”. With all of that information as well men that are 25-35 are millennials which I had stated were the target group of this ad. Another cite Agency Spy ( Author, Patrick Coffee) gets a direct quote from the brand manager Molly White who said “Finally, there’s a product that gives people what they want: real taste to fulfill real cravings.” Repeats the theme of subliminal…show more content…
Even though the food itself its advertised well the humor keeps the viewer wanting more. The common phrase “Sex Sells” definitely applies to this ad with a nice chunk of ads today keeping this reoccurring theme. Even with all of this ad’s questionable marketing tactic they are none the less effective ones that use sex, humor, and mind tricks to get you to buy their products and also might get you to spank your lunch if it’s really that
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